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‘Maybe it’s a GENERATIONAL thing.’ MAD Magazine ROASTS Pete Buttigieg in his own words and it’s GLORIOUS

MAD Magazine still reigns supreme.
True story, this editor has been reading MAD since the ’80s and may or may not have one of their horror compilations on her bedside table. So for Pete Buttigieg to claim he didn’t know who Alfred E. Neuman was when Trump compared him to the iconic character just seems absolutely ridiculous.
Either Pete was full of crap and thought acting like MAD was only for old people like Trump was the way to play it OR he’s really and truly as humorless as other Democrats.
It’s perfect.
Honestly, in this editor’s opinion, it’s not even really an insult.
Here’s Pete either playing stupid or being stupid:
Ouch! Mayor @Pete Buttigieg responds to ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ slam that he is “Alfred E Neuman” —“I had to Google that..I guess it’s a generational thing.”
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Generational thing.
Oooh, sick burn there, Pete.
MAD Magazine responded … God love ’em.


And then they reminded us all they’re true capitalists … and also that they’re really mean to Trump and even he seems to know who they are.
C’mon Pete, buy their book. You owe them.
And to make MAD’s point, plenty of Pete’s fans showed up to remind the world the Left has zero sense of humor.
Kids these days.
Yeah, I'd say it is. I know Mayor Pete. I know MAD magazine too, if it makes you feel better. But like Mayor Pete, I had to google Alfred E Neuman. Guess some people don't remember the full names of print magazine mascots these days. What a world.
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No, essentially they’re showing Pete how comedy works.
Since so few on the Left seem to get that.


  1. being a gay boy man, Pete Buttigieg has sex in feces.
    maybe that is a generational thing?

  2. he would have been better to claim the bully route...surely trump was not the first to point out he looks like real life alfred e neumann