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MUST SEE VIDEO: St Louis Blues Fans Finish National Anthem when Intercom System Fails – Then Blues Win First Stanley Cup Finals Game Ever!

St Louis Blues hockey fans were the stars last night.  In an event held in St. Louis, the Blues fans picked up and finished the National Anthem when the intercom system had a glitch.

Last night in St. Louis, Blues hockey fans helped finish the National Anthem when the speaker system failed.  The Blues invited fans to see the second game of the Stanley Cup Finals which was held in Boston and shared on the Enterprise Center’s video system.

The fans were not disappointed as the Blues won their first Stanley Cup Finals game in their more than 50 year history.

The Blues had never won a finals game before.  They were 0 – 12 in their first three Stanley Cup Finals games before losing again in game one of this series.  Last night the Blues won their first game in their first Stanley Cup Finals in 49 years!  The winning shot was in overtime.

The Blues player who made the game winning goal told his coach right before OT that all he needed was one more chance!  He got it!

The Blues now return home for their first finals game in almost 50 years in St. Louis.

Let’s Go Blues!

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