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NOT so fast! Mollie Hemingway’s thread SHREDS NBC’s claim Barr lied about Trump campaign being warned about Russia

The media was trying SO HARD during Barr’s testimony on Wednesday to somehow catch him in a lie or … wait for it … covering for Trump.
Like for example this tidbit from Natasha Bertrand claiming an NBC story contradicted Barr saying the Trump campaign had not been warned that Russia intended to ‘infiltrate’ his campaign.
Except, as usual, this was not the case.
Based entirely on anonymous leakers.

We see a lot of that from our friends in traditional media.
Mollie Hemingway shredded the NBC piece as only she can …
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UPDATE: FBI did NOT notify Trump campaign that campaign members were counterintel concerns. Lynch, Comey, and McCabe thought about it but didn't do it. Later general counterintel briefing did NOT mention FBI’s suspicions about Flynn, Manafort, Page, or Papadopoulos.
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Wait, the House Intel Report contradicts those magical anonymous leakers? SAY IT AIN’T SO!
And at the end of the day, all that really mattered to the media (and all that still matters to them) is somehow getting rid of Trump.
Always interesting when there's a collision between an actual journalist and one of the Democrat operatives working as a journalist.
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Barr did clarify after the break there was a general security briefing done in August. But not the sort of briefing you'd normally do when you found out about specific targeted threats. https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4795429/general-security-briefing 
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Fair enough.
We should all believe the liars and fakers of NBC over the proven truthful AG Barr...NOT!!!
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They really are their own worst enemy.

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