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NRA breathes a sigh of relief as activist David Hogg turns his attention to smashing the patriarchy

March for Our Lives leader and soon-to-be Harvard freshman David Hogg has made it clear he’s using whatever’s left of his 15 minutes of fame to push super-hot takes like, “How many AR-15s did Jesus own?” and Saturday’s tweet is just what we wanted to hear from a young, well-off white male who’s headed to the Ivy League.
Thanks for mansplaining that to us. Or maybe he’s just warming up for class discussions at Harvard, where that’d guarantee an easy “A.”
Lol. Are you needing some attention today, little boy?
Do you even know what "patriarchy" means?
Sounds like you have daddy issues.
And we know what the patriarchy thinks of you!

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The kind where a white guy without the test scores to get into Harvard gets in over other ppl with better test scores? That kind of patriarchy?

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Your virtue signal is noted. Now give up your spot at Harvard to a more qualified female. We all know you won't.

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Go follow @jordanbpeterson and we'll see you back in a couple months... don't worry we'll accept your apology.

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  1. lil hogg was nothing to see, let alone give attention to. he is as irrelevant now as he was before.