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Oh no, she MAD! AOC flips OUT on CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski for sharing article on Elizabeth Warren making serious bank

Well lookie here, seems Elizabeth Warren has been making some serious bank, even though she’s a woman.
Who knew?
A woman being successful in America? Color us shocked.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for some reason got all sorts of bent out of shape over Andrew sharing this article.
Someone get AOC a Snickers bar, STAT!
This mentality actually hurts those women or men who are successful and actually are compensated more. Equal ruins anyone from working harder to be the best. Makes everyone mediocre. But that’s socialism.

And as we all know, socialism sucks.

BREAKING NEWS: Communist Who Considers Wealth a "Policy Failure," & "White Supremacy" Nation's Biggest Threat, Exempts Perpetrator of Racist Fraud b/c She's Female.

He didn’t write the article. 2 WaPo women reporters did & the article does everything it can to flatteringly portray her work on Chapter 11 bankruptcy creditor committees. There is, literally, no attack in the entire piece.

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Nope, Andrew didn’t write the article but that didn’t stop Ed Krassenstein from calling him a Republican.
Not kidding.
It's amazing that they are now Attacking Warren for being a good attorney. That's how far the Republican party has fallen.

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Ummm …
It’s like the Krassensteins spend their day trolling Trump and kissing up to AOC. They need a hobby.

Is Elizabeth Warren a smart, hard-working woman who deserves to be compensated at 80X the minimum wage, or is she an exploitative wage-thieving capitalist? Did she pay her “fair share” of taxes, or no?

Why defend Warren here while calling most other high-earners monsters?

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Why stop at Presidential candidates? Let's find out how so many public servants become millionaires.

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lolol at everyone taking head shots at @KFILE who does not work for the Washington Post and did not write this story by Elise Viebeck + Annie Linskey

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He dared tweet it though, the monster.

But tell us more about the wage gap, AOC.

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