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Over 9 Police raided a black woman’s home for playing Malcolm X speeches too loudly

A black woman had her house raided by North Carolina police after her neighbor complained that she was listening to Malcolm X speeches too loudly, reported Indy Week.
Garner Police Department officials executed a search warrant for Mikisa Thompson on Thursday night around 10:00 p.m. 

“The raid was officially insane and based on an unconstitutional statute,” Thompson’s attorney, T. Greg Doucette told Indy Week. “Doing a midnight raid with nine officers—over a noise ordinance, of all things—is a disproportionate show of force that shows there’s something else at play. That’s the type of overkill that’s intentionally designed to terrorize and punish people, not to actually do what’s necessary for enforcing the case.”
The complaint was filed by her neighbor Don Barnette, 65. He claimed that Thompson was playing “amplified speech being projected by some sound amplification device,” according to the report.
Thompson was playing Malcolm X speeches, which Barnette characterized as “Islamic Jihadist-type message.” “I don’t have anything against any Black person that acts like they’ve got sense,” Barnette told Indy Week.
She was charged with a “class-three misdemeanor of violating her city’s noise code, which results in a maximum $500 penalty.”
However, this is not the first run in that Thompson has had with police. She got a $50 fine after Barnette made a noise complaint in April.
The first application for the warrant on Mikisa Thompson on 4/22/19 for playing Malcolm X then I was raided for another radio on 5/16/19 for playing Malcom X my crime living while Blackhttps://www.facebook.com/ri.ot.3551/videos/142660206862243/ 

Watch the video of police raiding her home here. 

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