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Seattle Times reporter suspended after sending crude DM to the woman who wrote that ‘Open Letter To My CEO’ post three years ago

Seattle Times reporter Mike Rosenberg has been suspended after he sent a DM, allegedly by accident, to writer Talia Jane where he called her “beautiful” and “hilarious” but then added, “there is so much c*m on your face”:
Rosenberg, who is married, later apologized and said he sent the message to Talia by accident:

testing the waters & feigning oopsie is pretty typical in sexual harassment. so is initiating conversation on the premise of professionalism. did he forget i got a writer’s 10-year career wiped from a website for this exact behavior?

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Rosenberg later worried that he may get fired over it:

If the name Talia Jane sounds familiar, it should. She sent that open letter to the CEO of Yelp in 2016 where she complained she wasn’t being paid enough:
Jane was fired by Yelp after the letter went viral:
i love to get fired because i said out loud that i can't afford to pay my rent, this has solved all of my problems!
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someone at Yelp PR is informing people who call that my termination wasn't related to my letter. lol & ice cubes don't melt in heat.
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Rosenberg tried to buy Jane’s silence with a $1000 donation to NOW:
he sent an email asking for empathy to not out him and promised a $1,000 donation to NOW. wrong move. women are not toys. we certainly should not be played with and efforts to manipulate us will not be tolerated. live with your choices.
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But Jane then informed Rosenberg’s boss what was up:
And then he was suspended:

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