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‘So you NEVER forget about it.’ Caleb Hull rubs some SERIOUS salt in the Senate Dems’ failed SCOTUS poll wound (pics)

The Senate Democrats’ Twitter account put up a poll asking Tweeps if they’d prefer more SCOTUS justices like Kavanaugh or like RBG? And the poll went so badly for them that they deleted it …
Guess the truth hurts.
Anywho, Caleb Hull was good enough to make sure they never ever forget what happened with this poll because he’s a giver like that.

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Hey @DSCC, I saw you deleted this tweet so I printed it out and dropped it off at your building so you never forget about it.

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Senate Dems SO have this (and much more) coming.
And ouch.
We love that he made the effort to not only print copies but to leave them at their buildings.

It could be ‘Conservatives SEIZE on DSCC Poll.’
Pouncing is so 2018.
Just hope Caleb stretched before this level of pouncing.
It absolutely should be.

Ain’t he though?

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