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SURPRISE! 2016 poll showed members of the International Association of Fire Fighters backed Trump by 27 points over Hillary

President Trump was up and tweeting early this morning and apparently angry at the International Association of Fire Fighters endorsing Joe Biden:
The president then went on to retweet dozens and dozens of responses to that Dan Bongino tweet above who agreed with him:
Journo who have Twitter alerts set for the president’s tweets on their phones woke up to this, which if you think about it, it’s really funny:

It appears at least one of the accounts Trump shared was a troll account that changed its username after getting the presidential retweet:
And what’s even better about all this? Trump was the overwhelming choice of the IAFF in 2016, although they didn’t endorse then:
Three things about the International Association of Fire Fighters:

1. Membership is overwhelmingly white and male.

2. Internal poll of members after 2016 found that they’d backed Trump by 27 points, four years after narrowly backing Obama.

3. IAFF didn’t endorse in 2016.
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So when Trump says many IAFF members support him, he’s undoubtedly right, though he has likely lost labor support since 2016. (His habit of blaming unions, not companies, for job losses has... gotten noticed.)
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IAFF leadership claims that a poll that omitted Republicans showed Biden the clear favorite, which is why they endorsed this year:
IAFF Gen. President Schaitberger told me this week that as part of their primary endorsement process, they conducted poll Dem, indie and non-party members (about 3/5ths of all members).

Biden was "overwhelming" 1st pick, and almost unanimous 2nd choice of others
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This poll, as everyone can see, is meaningless if Trump is not included. Try again.

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