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‘This 1 time, at band camp …’ Tweeps play ‘What is Eric Thinking’ with campaign pic annnd we’re officially dead now

Eric Swalwell may well be (accidentally) running the most hilarious presidential campaign … ever. And considering what we witnessed with the Trump campaign that is saying something. Sadly, unlike Trump, Eric isn’t saying and doing silly things on purpose, it’s almost like it just comes naturally to him.
Which makes it even funnier.

Being a good president doesn't mean you speak the loudest or tweet the most. Being a good president means knowing when to listen.

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The look on his face.
He’s either really gassy or completely constipated.
Whichever it is, Tweeps were inspired to create a ‘game’ in his honor:
Let’s play a game called “What is Eric Swalwell thinking about?”

I want to see quality content here guys.
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WHOA boy.
As you can imagine, this got really hilarious really fast.
“Sun screen! I forgot to put on sun screen, and the whole right side of my face will be burned to a crisp. Maybe if I awkwardly turn my head just a little more...”

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This is the best Photo OP ever guys. Only thing to top this is if I could ride a skateboard at Whataburger.
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And play a little air guitar while dressing up as some sort of furry.
Hey, why not?

Ugh, don’t give him any ideas.

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