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What a tangled web they weaved: Sean Davis lays out Russian HOAX lie by shameless lie and it’s BRUTAL for Obama’s WH

If you’re anything like this editor, keeping up with all of the investigations and what did and didn’t happen is starting to feel a little bit like herding cats. All over the place and a little insane. Luckily, Tweeps like Sean Davis are good about keeping it simple … and infuriating.
Take for example how he laid out the many lies around the Russian hoax in one tweet.
The first big lie was the Steele dossier. The second was that Papadopoulos was the real reason the investigation started. The third was that the investigation didn't start until July of 2017. The fourth was that there was no spying. The fifth was that it was only the FBI.

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It sounds more and more like the Obama administration has a lot to answer for.
Which means the press will take next to zero interest in asking them any questions.
Look at this …
She’s not unique in being defensive of this entire narrative because ORANGE MAN  BAD.

And I am sure that there will be more to come out . I myself won’t be surprised if that some of the long term congress people will have some Consequences for the stance that they make with president trump. Like maybe they did something wrong . Or are involved in the cover up.

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Like how much did Obama know and when did he know it?
To paraphrase the late great Senator Howard Baker, "What did former President Obama know, and when did he know it?"
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That. ^
They’re terrified.
And they should be.
We haven't seen a story with this many lies since the Press tried to explain Hillary's private email server with the Top Secret content.
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Silly! Those emails were just about yoga and recipes and stuff.
Hillary said so.
Sean, if you make this a thread and keep going, I fear it will be longer than @SethAbramson’s 400+ epic a few weeks ago.
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Bite your tongue!

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