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WOW: Thread detailing ‘significant evidence’ corrupt Flint Dem officials have misspent MILLIONS from EPA is SHOCKING

The Left loves to pretend that Trump is somehow to blame for the water issues Flint, MI has been experiencing for years. Forget they had problems before the man ever even announced he was running and forget Democrats have been running that city for decades … it’s Trump’s fault.
He’s deliberately ignoring their struggles and making sure they receive no support or help from the EPA because he’s racist or something.
Except, that’s not true.
Flint has gotten $100M from the EPA and there is significant evidence it is being misspent through corruption by local pols, so the mayor's office has simply refused to talk to the only local paper for an entire year.http://bit.ly/2W8Ht6x 

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Not just millions of dollars.
HUNDREDS of millions of dollars.
And check out this councilman …
He seems nice.

I called Flint mayor's spox to ask about them blackballing the local daily. She refused to answer+demanded to know my sources

Then a man who was secretly on the line ranted that I was impersonating someone, said his name was 'Jesse Jesse' & he 'don't have a job title,' & hung up

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We’re wondering if the guy on the line was that sweetheart up there.
The finance chair of Flint, when it got $100M in EPA money, is

-a gun felon
-pawned city property 9 times
-openly talks about need to remove whites from city council
-went to jail in 2016
-police repeatedly had to restrain him in city council meetingshttp://bit.ly/2W8Ht6x 
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Holy crap.
Pawned city property?! Wants whites removed from the Council … went to jail in 2016.
But sure, let him be the finance chair of Flint.
You know that face you make when you heard a noise in the basement but it’s dark so you’re sure as heck not going down there? Just made that face.
"The white councilmen have been calling me and the mayor racist, misogynist, obtuse. Some of the words I had to look up," Mays told me.

"They went to call the police chief... but he’s appointed by the mayor, so they didn’t respond.”
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Whoa boy.
A talented 24-year old female, Muslim reporter -- who has documented massive improprieties -- has been stymied by the mayor and a gun felon-turned-congressman, who calls her -- on this video -- 'nasty woman! Maybe it's a cultural difference. You ignant!' http://bit.ly/2W8Ht6x 
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But sure, Lefties, keep blaming Trump.

This mayor has some SERIOUS explaining to do.

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