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WWE Female Wrestler Sexually Assaulted By Fan On Live Television

World Wrestling Entertainment held its annual “Money In The Bank” Event and there were several surprises during the show.
There were the usual wrestling surprises that captivate the fans in the scripted sports entertainment extravaganza, but one stuck out.
Pamela Rose Martinez who goes by the name Bayley won the SmackDown Women’s championship and began celebrating.
The 29-year-old WWE superstar brought her celebration into the crowd where fans warmly greeted her and were excited to be close to their hero.
But on the broadcast live on the WWE Network fans watching the event noticed that one fan took it too far and sexually assaulted the star by grabbing her breast.
Fans watching the event, which emanated from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut, where shocked to see such a display.

Dod anybody else catch this?? Is this guy trying to get a grab on Becky's boob??? WTF??

Hey can all the men in the crowd at money in the bank stop groping Bayley? Just because she goes to pose for photos doesn’t mean you can grab her boob, sickos.
Did a fan in the crowd briefly grab Bayley’s right boob from the side? Sure looked that way.
My wife claims that some dude just grabbed Bayley's boob. Get Bix on the case.

A pox on the house of the dude that legit grabbed Bayley‘ boob in the crowd.


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