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‘You spew HATE with every breath!’ Ana Navarro argues it’s A-OK to ban certain people and HOLY backfire Batman

Ana Navarro seems to be AOK with certain people being censored, banned, locked and suspended, as long as it’s the right people in her opinion. She tried to pretend that she doesn’t care about the political affiliation of the person de-platformed or an ideology but we all know she’s full of it.
For her, it’s about hate.
And since she hates the opinions of people she disagrees with banning them is a good thing.
When does Ana deactivate her own account for peddling hate, conspiracy theories, and lies?
You peddled a conspiracy theory for years onto your unwitting readers; "Trump, Russia!! Impeach!"

That conspiracy - you knew was a lie - created nonstop hate and division for years.

We've seen violent video after video of crazies attacking people over your lies.?
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But it was ok for them to push the Russia hoax for over two years.
Her lack of self-awareness is impressive and by impressive we mean ZILCH.
Since you disagree with me, that is hate speech and you should be banned. Correct? Also, you’re racist. Am I doing this right?
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Seems to be the way things are going these days.
If the test for banned hate speech is that which might trigger crazies and get people hurt, who will be left allowed to speak.
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Her end game is for @ananavarro to be the only one left to speak. She makes so much sense when you’re drunk.
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Ooooh, so that’s the key to understanding her.
Good to know.
Is there anything better than a donkey on a swing?
But we digress.
So of you want private companies to silence people who peddle in conspiracies, why haven’t you called for the silencing of @CNN and people like you who peddled the Russia Trump conspiracy for TWO years?
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I think I would like to ban woman who file their nails while giving their opinion as truth 🤔
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This didn’t go so hot, Ana.
Just an observation.


  1. Who cares what this worthless twat thinks? She's a libtard so essentially they are right and everyone else is wrong and can't have their opinion heard or voiced. Talk about facists, these libtards are completely insane with hatred and intolerance.

  2. lol lol the responses to the air head bimbo.