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Americans Against Antisemitism produces handy comparison chart for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

We’ve already run across Dov Kikind, founder of Americans Against Antisemitism, today as he excoriated Rep. Jerry Nadler for lending credence to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez comparison of migrant detention facilities to concentration camps.
We would say Nazi concentration camps, except then some journalist would pop up with, “Well, ACKSHULLY, there were concentration camps during the Boer War,” so, therefore, Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t disrespecting the memory of the Holocaust. And then someone else would post a screenshot from Merriam-Webster, and so on and so on. Must protect the queen.
But of all the responses to Ocasio-Cortez Tuesday, this must be our favorite, courtesy of Americans Against Antisemitism. It’s not quite puppets and crayons, but it is a graphical side-by-side comparison of Nazi concentration camps and migrant detention centers. Simple, right?
“Expert analysis.”
Thank you for posting this! AOC is seriously insane, I don't even understand how she made it to where she is, I feel sorry for all good americans who have to put up with her and her kind.

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Caught trying to cross a border illegally vs. Rounded up because of their ethnicity / religion

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You forgot one important detail.....the concentration camps were full of innocent people that were collected due to their religion....migrant detention centers are for those that broke our laws

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Did somebody mention the Boer War? Because that’s really what’s at issue here.
Why did you add extermination camps?
Did she mention those?
She was talking about concentration camps only.
And as you of course know, concentration camps predate the nazis and not all nazi concentration camps were also extermination camps.
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Why are you conflating concentration camps with death camps? Is it because you're an idiot?
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Just spitballing here, but just maybe Ocasio-Cortez could have, you know, apologized for invoking the Holocaust when referring to migrant detention centers? Or we could just argue all day the difference between death camps and concentration camps.
Hey Democrats, what are you doing to fix this? Holding an impeachment inquiry, impeaching President Trump and removing him and Vice President Pence from office, and then opening the border? Great plan.

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  1. "What is anti-semitism?

    It has ALWAYS been applied to people who criticize the BEHAVIOR and ACTIONS of jews.

    God forbid you should have the NERVE to do that.

    "Find out who you can't criticize openly, and you'll know who rules over us."
    - Voltaire