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Big news from Brian Stelter: CNN has a bigger audience than OANN

News flash: President Donald Trump tweeted today about the mainstream news media and was less than complimentary:
The Corrupt News Media is totally out of control - they have given up and don’t even care anymore. Mainstream Media has ZERO CREDIBILITY - TOTAL LOSERS!

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However, earlier in the day, he did retweet some poll numbers as reported by One America News Network, or OANN.
“The latest Polls find 51% of Americans approve of President Trump’s Job Performance. Last month a Democrat Pollster said President Trump’s approval rating has been the most steady of any President in history!” @OANN

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“With over a 50% Approval Rating at this point in his Presidency, analysts believe re-election in 2020 looks (very) promising!” @OANN Hey, we have accomplished more than any President in the first 2 1/2 years, WHY NOT?

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With the president adding OANN to his regular viewing along with Fox News, CNN media guy Brian Stelter decided to look into it and see if anybody but Trump was watching OANN:
With Trump promoting @OANN again this week, I went looking for ratings data. How many people besides the president are watching? OANN doesn't subscribe to Nielsen, the industry standard. But it turns out that Nielsen IS measuring the channel...

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Nielsen has #'s for OANN in "metered markets," i.e. the country's biggest metro areas. This spring, in those markets, OANN has been averaging just 14,000 viewers. Fox News: 631,000 viewers in those same markets.

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Now do CNN.
In the final #'s, with all the smaller markets, Fox's average audience roughly doubles. So even if we're being generous to OANN– let's say its total audience is triple the metered market #'s– the channel is not filling a football stadium. Fox, CNN, MSNBC all exponentially bigger.

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This is not a surprise, nor is it news, so what’s the point?
Competition is a good thing. But so is data. OANN's W.H. correspondent told me Nielsen ratings are "fake." Well, the ratings are not perfect, but they're the industry standard, the foundation for billions in ad sales. And Trump loves ratings. But he also likes cherry-picking...

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Last month Trump tweeted about a "big ratings jump" at OANN. The channel clearly doesn't have big ratings. But OANN execs have shared ComScore #'s with the White House that tell a growth story. First outlet Trump called on at his most recent presser? OANN. /end

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Trump called on OANN before CNN at a presser? Jim Acosta and the rest of CNN have been crying about not being called on first ever since he took office:
And Stelter’s already done this bit with OANN and its ratings, last August.
POTUS is quoting an obscure host who hosts an O'Reilly Factor rip-off on @OANN, a channel that's so small it doesn't get rated by Nielsen 🀷🏼‍♂️
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Your periodic reminder that more people watch “Dr. Pimple Popper” than CNN’s primetime offerings.
Depends on the size of the stadium. Again I don’t believe you’ve got apples to apples here because OANN isn’t in every home like the others🀷🏻‍♂️
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Ratings would be higher if they were carried on all of the cable providers. Unfortunately they aren’t owned by liberal, political activist corporations such as @Comcast who refuse to carry them.
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Are you really this dumb, Brian? They are new. Give them time. You think your radical self just started out with 648K + followers? No... you slowly brainwashed them with your reporting over time. We need more competition against you guys. That’s a FACT!!
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They are gaining viewers while garbage news @CNN and @MSNBC are tanking due to fools like Mr Stelter spewing biased hatred instead of non partisan news.
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Hilarious that you put CNN next to Fox. Any Fox show regularly does 3x the viewers of CNN. And think about bloat and expense of CNN that OANN doesn’t.
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The funny thing about this rant... CNN is exponentially smaller then FOX and MSNBC and yet you continue to view it as a "Premiere" network.
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Hun, I wouldn’t go there. CNN is lower than HGTV and the cartoon channel.

I would suggest your judgement is not the best...
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CNN should not be drawing anyone's attention to ratings. Your argument here is that ratings = relevance. You see where this is going right? Fox wins every day, every week, month and year. Every timeslot. What's your conclusion?
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The conclusion is never to right the ship and start reporting the facts without bias, unfortunately.

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