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Biggest self-own EVER: Eric Swalwell shares himself getting owned in gun control debate claiming it’s how you own trolls

Eric Swalwell must be trying to get Shannon Watts/Moms Demand to endorse him. He’s trying so hard to show off for them and honestly, it’s just painful at this point. Not more painful than his tweets begging for a dollar to keep his sad campaign going, of course, but still pretty bad …
Look at this.

A beginner’s guide to owning trolls. Their BS noise doesn’t intimidate me anymore. They would rather flat LIE, e.g., “going house to house” than save your kids. Start checking them. @MomsDemand got your back.

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‘Look at me, look at me, Shannon!’
And really, ‘Start checking them?’ With an animated gif?
Some guy who’s clearly a glutton for punishment.

Right? The only person getting owned in that back and forth is Eric.
That is the most immature and inappropriate response to a legitimate question I have ever seen.
You will not win the Presidency but you will win the most unlikable candidate title.
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We checked. Nope.
You do realize this woman is a rape survivor?

So, when you were saying your future administration would pay close attention to the opinions of women, you clearly didn’t mean all of them, just a select group, right?
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Us too.

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