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Crackpot Socialist AOC Blames LIZ CHENEY Not Herself for Using Holocaust Imagery to Describe Illegal Alien Holding Centers

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made headlines last week when she compared ICE holding centers for illegal aliens to ‘concentration camps’ like what was in practice in Nazi Germany.
AOC later said she will NEVER apologize for her offensive and ignorant remarks.

On Saturday Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called on her supporters to report ICE sightings and to harbor illegal alien criminals in their homes!

She’s gone from obtuse statements to pushing criminal behavior.
On Monday Ocasio-Cortez reached a new low accusing Rep. Liz Cheney and not herself for using Holocaust imagery to describe the current US illegal alien holding centers.
She wants open borders and doesn’t care how many lies she has to tell to get it done.
Reminder: the member who directly + explicitly compared concentration camps on our border to the Holocaust was *Liz Cheney.*

The horrors of the Holocaust went beyond the use of concentration camps, yet camps were part of the process.

They have also been used before and after.
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She is desperate.


  1. There is little reason to engage her on this, ignore her and maybe she will do the job she was hired for; represent the people in her congressional district.

  2. liz cheney should be embarrassed to even appear in public let alone comment , her fathers war crimes are legion.