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‘Gaslighting DOLT!’ Ilhan Omar tries owning the ‘trolls’ after it’s clear she’s CLUELESS about certain legal terms and ROFL

 Ilhan Omar has taken issue with Trump using the legal terminology for anyone crossing into this country illegally. Apparently, Ilhan thinks calling them ‘illegal aliens’ is somehow racist … or something. What’s really happening is the Left has been trying really hard to pretend Trump doesn’t like ANY immigrants by deliberately conflating them with illegal immigrants.
Or calling them migrants.
Legally they are ‘illegal aliens.’
Welp, people were more than happy to educate Ilhan about how dense she was about the terminology so she labeled them all as trolls and tried to dunk on them …
The only troll we see here is Ilhan, but we digress.

They are illegal, Ilhan.
Just wanna take a second to acknowledge the solid use of It just doesn’t get used enough anymore.
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True story.
Seems to me the solution to this problem is simple: Why doesn't each Democratic family that believes this way take in an 'asylum seeking' family and be physically and financially responsible for that family? Feed them, clothe them, pay for their healthcare.
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Right? Put up or shut up.
And to think she's paid a package worth more than $200K to incite, omit truths and exaggerate. How dumbed down are some groups of voters in this country going to get?
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We’re pretty sure Karen doesn’t really want to know the answer to this because it’s just so depressing.
She wants to change terminology & reality to suit her needs so just submit to her immediately, or else 😎
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Calling them ‘illegal’ is a reminder that they’ve broken the law, and Democrats can’t have that now can they.
Illegal alien is the legal term. He's never called illegal aliens animals. He used that term for MS 13 gang members, which by any definition are animals. When you lie and try to deceive people, you lose any credibility you might have had. Must be why you're a Dem.😉
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And you just called a whole bunch of people trolls.
Which is also, technically, dehumanizing language.
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She is NOT good at this.

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  1. She should stay home and pander to the faggots instead....