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Hours After Painful Debate Performance, News Breaks Biden Has Lost Top Fundraiser, Lead Bundler

Thursday night, 2020 Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden got his first chance of this campaign season to take the debate stage.
It did not go wellAt all.
Biden’s performance was bashed from the left and the right.
And the outlook isn’t getting any better for him.
On Friday afternoon, news broke that a fundraiser for Biden’s 2020 campaign is backing out. 
According to a Politico report, Tom McInerney, a lead bundler for Obama, told CNBC he revealed his intention to leave Biden’s team on June 20.
“I had actually let the campaign know I’d pulled back my support of Biden for now,” McInerney said.
Biden’s performance on the debate stage did not change McInerney’s mind. “I don’t think he did well last night,” he said.
While Biden is scrambling to shore up his base after Thursday’s performance, he may be most concerned about what McInerney said next. 
“I would imagine I’m not alone,” McInerney speculated, clearly implying that there could be a wave of donors who are about to jump ship from Biden’s 2020 campaign.
If the donors were hesitant about abandoning the former vice president, Sen. Kamala Harris’ performance may have convinced them.
In one of the most painful exchanges of the debate Thursday, Harris delivered a prolonged and powerful attack on Biden’s history, accusing him of being soft on civil rights.
WATCH: Kamala Harris' impassioned criticism of Joe Biden on race and busing.

More from tonight's debate: https://n.pr/2NieFIM 
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Laura Ingraham called Harris’s attack a “planned, fully choreographed hit on an already vulnerable and doddering Biden.”
Siraj Hashmi of the Washington Examiner put it more concisely. “Kamala just absolutely rekt Biden” Hashimi tweeted.
Biden’s demise was predicted by Rush Limbaugh last week when he declared, “This guy is finished. It’s over.”
Although Limbaugh’s reasoning was different, the fact remains that Biden’s campaign may be coming off its wheels.
I’m still not convinced he won’t get the Democratic nomination, as even a limping Biden may be more appealing to voters than the more progressive socialistic agenda of the other candidates.

But the next few weeks may tell the story.

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  1. He needs to hit up Hilliary for George Soros' phone number quick!!!!