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Huckabee’s Thank You to Trump for Treating Sarah Well Would Make Any Father Smile

A father wants nothing more than for his daughter to be treated with respect, dignity and kindness by anyone she encounters, including her boss.
According to former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee — proud father of White House press secretary Sarah Sanders — that’s exactly what President Donald Trump did for her.
In a Friday morning tweet, Huckabee expressed his sincere gratitude by saying he’s “profoundly grateful” for treating Sanders “like the lady she is” during the past three years of working in the White House.
Just Dad talking-I'm profoundly grateful to @realDonaldTrump for the kind, respectful way he treated @PressSec for over 3 yrs she worked for him. Reason I hold most media in contempt is they don't know or care about truth. Thanks, @POTUS for treating Sarah like the lady she is.
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On Thursday, Sanders announced that she would be leaving her position of White House press secretary to spend more time with her family — a noble reason to hang up the microphone if I’ve ever heard one.
Sanders has gracefully served as Trump’s front-line spokesperson for two years and — contrary to the hateful, vitriolic liberal media’s opinions — she did nothing less than a bang-up job. Trump’s treatment of Sanders flies directly in the face of critics who, on too many occasions to count, have charged the president with being a sexist, anti-woman monster.
That’s obviously not the case and is exactly why Huckabee included in Friday’s tweet to Trump: “Reason I hold most media in contempt is they don’t know or care about truth.”
Just take a moment and think of what Huckabee — as this amazing woman’s loving father— endured during those two years of watching liberal, anti-Trump journalists relentlessly attack Sanders. 
And it’s all because Sanders, who never once backed down from the bullies in the press corps, refused to act as their White House confidant.
She spoke the truth and set journalists straight, when necessary. And she did it with class and grace. To call her style rare and refreshing would be a terrible understatement.
It must have been torture for a father to watch that take place, but on the other hand, Huckabee believed that his daughter was more than capable of defending herself and her boss, President Trump.
After Sanders leaves the White House and gets in quality time with her family, there’s a good chance we’ll see her in another capacity that involves serving our country. Trump thanked Sanders during her speech Thursday and suggested she run for the Arkansas governorship.
Huckabee told Fox Business that Sanders running for political office wasn’t out of the question, saying he wasn’t sure what her intentions are at this point, but that “it could happen.” 
Just thinking about that possibility is exciting, because if she ran and won, liberal media outlets would lose their minds. And something tells me the former Arkansas governorwould love every second of it.

Politics aside, Huckabee’s kind words for Trump — as his daughter honorably resigns her post — are something that any father should appreciate.

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