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Jim Carrey’s last ‘art piece’ takes a shot at not just Sarah Huckabee Sanders but her religion

Wow, and we were so looking forward to seeing Jim Carrey in “Sonic the Hedgehog,” but 1) the film’s been delayed until next year after fans pointed out that the computer-generated star looked like crap and 2) we’d have a hard time paying to see anything starring Carrey. We’re not calling for a boycott … we just can’t see his face anymore and not think of what he thinks about us on the other side of the political divide.

He’d don’t cover every painting Carrey does, but this one’s a little special, because not only does it take a swipe at Huckabee Sanders — it also mocks her faith.
You have become very hateful, sadly.
I don't like Trump, or Sarah, but give it a rest, man.
You look unhinged here.

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You are such a whackjob. I bet what's going on in that skull of yours is every bit as ugly as your "art".

If you have a shrink dump him/her/it, and find a better one.

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I'm surprised to see so many on the left mocking someone's appearance. I thought they were trying to bring America in a better direction leaving this sort of stuff behind, atleast that's what they're messages have sounded like from the center. Actions are contradictory though

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What, “You may not harass other people on the basis of religious affiliation”? It’s not harassment, though … it’s not like he tweeted she should learn to code, and even then it would be OK because she’s not a member of the specially protected class “journalist.”
Prayers for you Jim. Let me know if you ever want to meet and discuss ways to love people instead of hate them.
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Last word to one of the only actors left who can make Carrey seem conservative by comparison, John Cusack.

Now paint Mohammed.

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  1. At least her tribe didn't crucify him like Carrey's tribe did!