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John Harwood touts Quinnipiac Florida poll that shows Biden +9% over Trump, but he seems to have forgotten 2018 and 2016 entirely

Shot. . .
CNBC’s John Harwood is pretty psyched about this new Quinnipiac poll in Florida that shows Joe Biden with a 9-point lead over President Donald Trump:

new Quinnipiac Florida poll as President Trump announces his 2020 re-election campaign at Orlando rally:

Biden 50%, Trump 41%


Sanders 48%, Trump 42%
Warren 47%, Trump 43%
Harris 45%, Trump 44%
O’Rourke 45%, Trump 44%
Buttigieg 44%, Trump 43%
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Chaser. . .
John Harwood was also pretty psyched about Quinnipaic’s polling in 2018 that showed Republicans losing both the Senate and gubernatorial races which he tweeted out one day before the election:
Barkeep, how about another? From 2016:
So, sure . . . make this all about Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale:

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  1. Tail wags dog. I smell Bolsheviks. Everytime NWO freaks pull this type of psyop more people catch on to what is really happening.