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Kamala Harris joins Pete Buttigieg in going with the ‘America was never great’ strategy

Independence Day is just around the corner, which means we just might be in for another round of the #AmericaWasNeverGreat hashtag on Twitter.
We have a theory about progressives — they’re so consumed with whatever utopia they envision that they can’t abide being associated with anything flawed. Yes, America was and is flawed. Slavery was an aberration. America ended slavery, but that’s not good enough. Nothing will be good enough until … reparations are passed? The Green New Deal is signed into law? Capitalism is replaced with socialism?
Conservatives, on the other hand, can acknowledge America’s flaws and still celebrate its greatness. That’s one reason why President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan triggered so many, and why the “ACKSHUALLY” crowd claimed he stole the slogan from the Nazis, of course.
As Twitchy reported, Pete Buttigieg is on the “America was never great” train, telling crowd after crowd that America’s past was never “as great as advertised.” And now Kamala Harris is either ripping him off or echoing Hillary Clinton.
Harris asks what it means that the President wants to take us back to a time when America was great. “Does that mean he wants to take us back to before schools were integrated?...Does he want to take us back to before Roe v. Wade?” Enthusiastic response from the room.

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Before schools were integrated? Ask your buddy Joe Biden about that.

We have a president who says he wants to "make America great again." Does he want to take us back to before schools were integrated? Before the Voting Rights Act? Before the Civil Rights Act? Before Roe v. Wade?

We are not going back.

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Yeah, it worked great for Hillary, and she stole it from Barack Obama:
Hillary says "Make America Great Again" is code for taking it backwards to economy Trump is unable to recreate. Talks about future, not past

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And even Eric Holder got in on the action, saying the idea of greatness reflected “an American past that never in fact really existed.”
It worked great for Hillary, so by all means, keep at it:
Didn’t want to plagiarize Biden with the back in chains comments, went in a slightly different direction, but the same recycled message that Democrats always go to.

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It's sad that the democratic party runs on racial diversity every single election. This is so tiresome

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Definitely before the socialists and communists came out of the woodwork to ROB American citizens and STEAL elections through voter fraud.

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Maybe just before the federal government had their hands in absolutely everything. That would be great.

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Before all of you have started destroying our country. You're the ones dividing it and trying to make Americans ashamed of our great Country. Trying to brainwash people into thinking socialism is good for us. You're embarrassing.

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Maybe we should go back to before Democrats had total control of California and there wasn’t feces all over the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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No he’s talking about how we corrected all those mistakes. By the way, I wonder which party was in charge during most of those...?

Oh, yours.

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That would be @TheDemocrats party, founding fathers of KKK and Jim Crow. It took Big Government to enslave back then and the Democrats still love Big Government today to control and crush an individual’s liberty.

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We fought a war, amended the constitution, passed major protections, and spent trillions disproportionately for the benefit of blacks. What country has done more, Senator?

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America hasn’t paid reparations — that’s going to be a hot issue during the debates.
You know what made America great, diversity and the fact that everybody in the World wanted to come to America because it was the land of opportunity and the free. That is what made America great.
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They’re still storming the southern border in an attempt to get into those U.S. “concentration camps.”
No Senator, the President doesn't want any of those things. Never said any of those things. Not sure why you think this is a good strategy.
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I think he just means the economic (financial, production) super power of the world (post-WW2). You guys are the only ones talking about that other stuff. Not 1 right of a person of color has been threatened or removed by this President.
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You could probably just ask him instead of bringing up the worst scenarios, but I assume that doesn't help your pandering.
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Most important political skill these days is ability to look someone in the face, lie to them, know they know you’re lying to them, keep a straight face, and then continue to lie. You, Ms Harris, are a very skillful politician.
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What we said about progressives above? Perfect example:
it’s the implication of “again” that makes people wonder; we haven’t been a GREAT nation when so many people have faced injustices that were still having to combat even today.
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America could be great if we just changed everything first.

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