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‘Make eugenics great again?’ Blue-checked ‘secular humanist’ and doctor declares that people ‘with bad genes’ shouldn’t be allowed to procreate

Taslima Nasreen is a self-described “author, secular humanist, feminist, physician.”
And if she’s your physician, you might want to consider looking for a new one:
Men and women who have bad genes with genetic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancer etc should not produce children. They have no right to make others suffer.

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So … a physician who hates sick people. And a feminist “secular humanist,” to boot! Looks like we’ve hit the jackpot, folks!
So humanist, it hurts.

See, AOC? Now this is one of those cases in which a Nazi comparison would be pretty apt. Because she is literally advocating for Nazi-style eugenics.
That’s a rhetorical question, of course.
I’m diabetic, both of my parents have diabetes. I’m not suffering. I’m learning more about this disease, and hope to work in this field where I can help other diabetics.
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as the epileptic daughter of an epileptic mother, who is now the mother to a child with autism I disagree and pretty sure my son would as well... better to be alive and living no matter the dx. And this is ableism at its finest.
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My mom has Loeys Dietz, I have Loeys Dietz, my daughters have Loeys Dietz we've had 5 heart surgeries combined (4 in the past year) the world will be a better place to have my girls in it. Even with the added stressors of their condition. Suffering does not rob life of joy.
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Who or what robbed Taslima of her joy?
No kidding.
Parting evergreen question:

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  1. She would get more support from eugenicists if she advocated getting rid of all the stupid people in the world.