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#NeverTrumper Rick Wilson seems angry that being woke and sandbagging Biden will cost Dems 44 states

GOP strategist Rick Wilson is as #NeverTrump as it gets, and much like the Washington Post’s conservatives, he seems intent on giving the Democrats advice on how to run their campaigns too. Jennifer Rubin wanted to “help Stacey Abrams make the right choice” and run for president, while Max Boot is still planning on voting Democrat straight down the ticket, as he reminds us in every column.
Wilson’s good at what he does, though, and he’s letting the Democrats know that sandbagging Joe Biden and other contenders is going to leave the party with Bernie Sanders, who’ll be destroyed by President Trump in 2020.
When Bernie Sanders is the nominee after he sandbags Biden Warren and Harris, remember you decided that being woke was worth losing 44 States

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"I'm a GOP strategist, so Democrats should definitely listen to me about how to handle racism in the party."

Your party elected a fascist. It's nice that you regret that now, but maybe listen to the folks who have been saying fascism is bad for decades, huh? https://twitter.com/TheRickWilson/status/1141853462357073920 

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He’s got a point … the memo seemed to make the rounds this week that it was time to take another shot at Biden, not over the creepy groping and hair-sniffing but rather his pride in working with segregationist senators who showed him the respect of never calling him “boy” — and his own past support of school segregation, and more.
Polls say Biden — or just about any of the top Democrats — would beat Trump, but we don’t believe it. Biden’s base is continually pulling him further left, and he just doesn’t seem to understand what’s changed. A moderate Biden could be seen as a return to the seemingly stable days of the Obama administration — but even Obama hasn’t endorsed him. Ouch.
Would we love to see Sanders go up against Trump in the debates? Hell yeah.
Sounds more like being worried about Sanders impacting the establishment ‘consulting’ class than what leader the country needs.

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Sanders is thoroughly not woke, and the danger isn't that he snags the nom, the danger is that he convinces his minions that for more years of Trump will finally get them a revolution.

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It that you, Tom Perez?
will win the nomination because he has the largest number of individual donors and on the ground volunteers of ANY candidate of ANY party. He will beat Trump. His voters will elect a new Congress. We will pass & outlaw money in politics.
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wish this man could think about the greatest good for the greatest number.....and just drop out. and, oh, then support wholeheartedly somebody else. I know, this is a pipe dream....
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I don't think Noah is questioning your intellect or capabilities. He's questioning your motives *as a Republican strategist* who's excellent at directing support away from electable Democrats.
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So you really don’t get the irony? Your advice and influence has led the @GOP to where it is today........yet think @DNC should listen to you?
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Folks beginning to realize that Rick Wilson is becoming a de facto Democratic strategist...
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Members of the GOP pontificating to Democrats about not running their party after they ruined their own party. No one should listen to you.
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Please don’t listen to him and nominate Sanders.


  1. Libtards say either agree with us or we will beat you (ANTIFA). But yeah, the GOP are the fascists. It's unreal the amount of cognitive dissonance they can withstand.

  2. The only candidate that could beat Trump is not in the race.
    Only if Michelle Obama jumps in would Trump have any opposition.
    She is rubbish, but the only one without a history.