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Parents of 9-year-old drag queen don't impose gender roles, and adult drag performers mentor him. The boy just declared he's gay.

Nine-year-old Keegan goes by Kween-Kee-Kee when he dresses in drag and dances onstage, Reuters reported.
His mother calls him a "gender creative" kid — and while he goes by the pronouns "he," "him" and "his," Keegan also enjoys dressing as a girl, the outlet added, and "feels more like himself" when he's wearing a dress.

Drag queen mentors

Two adult drag queens act as mentors to Keegan, who lives in a "conservative, Christian suburb outside of Austin, Texas," Reuters said.
One mentor is Alex, 26, who uses the drag name Alexandria Van Cartier, and has tried to teach Keegan to be comfortable with himself, the outlet noted.
"Part of what drag has done, for me at least... it's like, if you're not enjoying what you're seeing in the mirror, then there is something wrong," Alex told Reuters. "And if I'm going to have to look at myself in the mirror for three hours, I better like what I'm seeing."
Another drag queen — Robby, 25 — told the outlet that "at the end of the day ... [mentoring Keegan] is just creating positive change for a kid who maybe didn't know that there was an option to do so."

What about Keegan's parents?

The outlet added that while Keegan has only performed in drag as Kween-Kee-Kee two times, he's found some acclaim through his minikweenkeekee Instagram page on which he posts photos dressed in full drag with his mother's assistance.
Kween KeeKee & Momyoutu.be
Keegan's father, 33-year-old Chris, told Reuters he initially had mixed feelings regarding Keegan's gender expression and didn't think too much about it. But in recent years he told the outlet the family made a collective decision to not impose prescribed gender roles in their home.
Mom and Dad also wanted to "let Keegan be himself" and not force norms upon him, Reuters reported, adding that they were surprised recently when — five years after he started wearing dresses — Keegan said he was gay.
Here's Kween-Kee-Kee performing at the 2018 Austin International Drag Festival:
Kween Keekee at Austin International Drag Fest 2018


  1. Really? Frankly, I could not care less if he and his parents decided that he is a bat and tht he prefers sleeping upside down hanging from the ceiling...If you really believe in freedom, then enjoy it, but to have to parade your sexual proclivities or demonstrate to the world that you are freakishly different, well then YOU have a problem. Should I wish to see a giant, or lady with three breasts and a beard, I will go to the fair and pay for it. In the mean time, please keep your thingies and fetishes as private as your religious orientations.
    In the mean time, I can only hope that these really disturbed people develop fully and accept that in the long term, nothing good comes from the displaying of unsolicited eccentrism no matter how sincerely felt. Think about it..