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PREDICTABLE: ‘Comedy’ Central Runs Stale Hit Piece on Border Patrol with Illegal Migrant Kids in Prison Camps

The Open Borders Party continues to push the false narrative that President Trump and US border Patrol is caging and abusing children.
There are over 100,000 illegal aliens flooding the US border each month and Democrats are blaming the Border Patrol and Trump for their detention.
Democrats no longer believe in borders.
This weekend dingy soap opera star Nancy Lee Grahn posted photos of kids in cages and blamed President Trump.
But, of course, the photos were taken in 2015 when Barack Obama was president.
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Trump administration is forcing children 2 sleep on cement floor with an aluminum blanket & lights on all night. Sarah Fabian from DOJ argued in court that it was good enough & soap was unnecessary. Companies making 750 a kid a day to torture them.
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And now “Comedy” Central is running some skit with Arturo Castro that mocks US Border Patrol and President Trump.
Democrats aren’t even funny anymore. They’re stale, dull and predictable.
And the kids are in concentration camps.
Democrats want any illegal who crosses the US border to be able to roam free and collect benefits.
Via Hollywood in Toto:
The clip will be aired during the show’s regular 10:30 p.m. EST slot June 25.


  1. The biggest sin that the Bolsheviks have foisted on the citizens is the death of comedy. Bolsheviks are humorless evil $hitheels. Just me opinion.

  2. "comedy central" huh. hey what show is that exactly?
    because you can't just make shit up and pretend that it's true.