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‘Sandwich. Make one.’ AOC breaks out her ‘Misogynist Dictionary’ to pretend the word nasty is ‘sexist’ and YEAAAH … no

Probably one of the most sexist things we see in social media is when anyone pretends that certain words that could pertain to anyone or anything are sexist. Welp, that’s not as sexist as claiming any sort of criticism of women is sexist but it’s close.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t like Trump calling Meghan Merkel ‘nasty’ so she pulled out her Misogynist Dictionary.
Don’t make that face, we didn’t tweet it.
Readings from the Misogynist Dictionary 📖:

“Nasty” (adj.):
1. A woman who doesn’t bow under your thumb; or
2. A woman who‘s not attracted to you.

Ex: When a misogynist encounters a “nasty” woman, he‘ll almost surely try to denigrate her appearance, intelligence, or character.

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Oh FFS, AOC. Change the record.
For real, real.

Sort of like when they call abortion ‘women’s rights’? Yeah, they’ve been changing the meanings of words for years.




quote (a person or a piece of written or spoken text) inaccurately.

"the foreign secretary had misquoted Qian"

synonyms:misreport, misrepresent, misstate, quote incorrectly, take/quote out of context, distort, twist, slant
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From the OED: Nasty adj. “Of a person (also occasionally, a piece of writing): ill-tempered, spiteful, unkind (to someone).” Not everything is a gender slight. You’re as annoying as he is on Twitter.
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Being nasty isn’t gender-specific but you know, girl power and stuff.
Did you actually listen to the interview? You people wonder why we despise what you stand for? Because of things like this. You misconstrue, misinterpret or downright lie about what the @POTUS says for your political gain or to incite your base. It’s horrible and you suck for it
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But tell us how you really feel.

Ain’t that the truth?

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  1. People like AOC, Warren and Beto have totally destroyed the Democratic Party under the direction of George Soros. Arrest Soros and half of America's problems are solved.