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‘She looks INSANE.’ Elizabeth Warren goes off the reservation to pander to the LGBTQ community and it’s heap BIG cringy (watch)

You know that feeling you get when you see an older person trying really hard to fit in with a younger crowd? Watching Elizabeth Warren obviously and painfully pander to the LGBTQ community for #PrideMonth gave this editor just that feeling.
We almost feel badly for her.
is a celebration. And it’s a time to remember the trailblazers who fought for LGBTQ+ civil rights. Today—and every day—we renew our commitment to fight until everyone can live proudly, without fear. I’ll be right there alongside you. Happy !
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Where the heck are gay people not allowed to live proudly? She does realize it’s 2019, right?
Lying Lizzie doesn't even know how to properly wear a war bonnet. What kind of Indian is she?
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We didn’t say it.
We laughed at it.

And included it in this piece.
But we didn’t say it.
Hoo boy.
I love the perpetual pandering during the election cycle. It’s why politicians are the least noble profession in all of human history.
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It’s obnoxious, right?
Don’t give her any ideas.

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