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‘Talk about a SH*T SHOW!’ Just when you thought Eric Swalwell couldn’t get any MORE desperate he shares this doozy of an ad

Someone in Eric Swalwell’s personal circle who he trusts really and truly needs to stage an intervention …
That he thought this ad asking for campaign donations was a good idea says so much about him and ain’t none of it good.
Watch (hey, if we have to watch it so do you):
The elevator music in the background is not a nice touch.
Notice he does not keep a hand on the baby while he throws the diaper away, which tells this editor he doesn’t do this very often.
Changing a dirty diaper is NOT a qualification to be President.

What is wrong with you? Accept the reality you’re polling at zero.
You and I have the same polling numbers and I am not even running for President.

Stick to being a buffoon. You’re better at that.
It might be more effective if you were seen cleaning up the streets of your district. And addressing the housing crisis with actual solutions.

Maybe he missed it but if he’s really concerned about cleaning sh*t up there is plenty of it right there in his home state. Both figuratively and literally.
California. That’s how.
We’ve seen a lot of stupid campaign ads over the years (it’s sort of our job to look at these things) but HOLY MOLY, this may well be one of the dumbest of all time.

Congrats, we guess, Eric.

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