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‘That’s the legal term, genius’: Ilhan Omar ALMOST out-stupids AOC by virtue-signaling about Trump’s border tweet

Would someone pretty please with sugar on top get Ilhan Omar a dictionary? And if she’s still confused by what the word ‘alien’ actually means perhaps break out the puppets and crayons?
Ilhan should probably sit this one out … but hey, at least she didn’t claim Trump is running concentration camps at the border.
It has been an exceptionally stupid day.
Thanks, AOC.

Actually Omar, up until about 10 years ago it was part of the government vernacular and it is not a derogatory term. Only until the social justice movement did it become considered racist or derogatory. But I would only expect a recently conscripted ALEIN to whine about it.

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Actually, people who ignore our nation’s right to sovereignty, are illegal aliens. Alien is a perfectly good word and no amount of redefinition changes the reality.
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Ooooh, it’s the legal term for someone in our country illegally.
Who knew?
But then she’d have to actually admit Trump isn’t being a big ol’ racist meanie in his tweet.
That. ^
Which is probably why it confuses her.
Get a dictionary please.
Alien- belonging to a foreign country or nation.
It's not dehumanizing to utilize a word accurately depicting the situation
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Ok, it might well be time to break out the puppets and crayons.

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  1. I no longer use the poorly descriptive term "illegal alien". It takes a bit longer to say, but I find the phrase "criminal foreign invader" to be more appropriate.