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There he is! ‘Harvard’s newest blithering idiot’ David Hogg white-knights for AOC by punching up at Liz Cheney

 Liz Cheney was among the many people calling out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her insane assertions that Donald Trump is running concentration camps along the southern border:
Needless to say, AOC didn’t take kindly to having a spotlight shined on her shameful and disgusting historical illiteracy and dishonesty:
But perhaps she can take at least a little comfort in knowing that the illustrious David Hogg has got her back and will deploy every ounce of wisdom in his arsenal against Liz Cheney:

Wow, David. Such deep. Much profound.
Yeah … he didn’t so much drop the mic as smack himself in the head with it.
Kyle Kashuv used offensive language when he was 16 and has apologized profusely and expressed sincere remorse. Kashuv has actually dedicated his time since the Parkland shooting to working toward sensible solutions to gun violence.
David Hogg has used his spotlight to spew bile and lies nonstop.
Harvard has clearly chosen wisely.
Harvard’s doing a find job of that themselves, thanks.
It’s ridiculous that toad got into Harvard. His illiterate rhetoric must be in line with their values.
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1 comment:

  1. are you seriously citing liz cheney as a shining example of virtue?
    you do know who her dick father is and what he was responsible for, right?
    and she states, with a straight face;
    "6 million Jews were exterminated in the Holocaust."
    cheney should be made to prove that allegation or else keep her neocon mouth shut.
    AOC might have a screw loose but compared to the cheneys she is a mother theresa.