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‘Who the HELL is this jumped-up pipsqueak?’ Piers Morgan serves Sadiq Kahn a giant glass of STFU juice over Trump and BOOM

Every once in a while, (a long while) Piers Morgan will say, write, or tweet something we actually agree with. For example, this tweet and article where he called Mayor Sadiq Kahn out for being an a*s to Trump is perfection.

Who the hell is this jumped-up pipsqueak @SadiqKhan to be barking out insults at the American President @realDonaldTrump, when he can’t even protect our kids from being stabbed to death?
My column: http://dailym.ai/2IdXS3U 

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Piers dropped the mic. More than once.
From The Daily Mail:
So how has Mayor of London, England’s capital city, responded to this trip?
The answer is with quite staggeringly offensive rudeness.
Sadiq Khan, who’s been Mayor for three years, launched a series of savage attacks on President Trump in the past 48 hours, both in print and on television, branding him a ‘fascist’, a ‘growing global threat’, and demanding Britain should not be ‘rolling out the red carpet’ for him because it was ‘un-British’, adding that he was ‘the antithesis of our values in London and as a country’ and his ‘divisive behavior flies in the face of the ideals America was founded upon – equality, liberty and religious freedom.’
Mayor Khan also authorized, again, the flying of a giant orange Trump baby blimp over the Houses of Parliament during the visit, specifically designed to mock and humiliate the President.
By doing all this, Khan knew exactly what he was doing, and that was to create a firestorm of hatred towards the American leader and to whip up bigger protests against him than might otherwise have occurred.
Get ’em, Piers.

Maybe if Sadiq wasn't riling up the masses to be anti-trump and protesting this visit, the £18m in police being spent these three days could have been used to combat our massive crime problem in London instead!

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Kahn obviously cares more about trolling Trump than he does about being the Mayor of London.
Full transparency, this editor just really wanted to use a tweet with a Supernatural meme.
Talk about being professional and stuff.
Excellent column, Piers! But I fear between the left-leaning media here, almost unanimously negative towards the President, & the feckless leadership in parliament, it won’t be enough to convince the ordinary Brit that Mr. Trump is not the most despicable person in the universe!
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In the absence of @Foxnews in the UK, I suppose @dailymail and Piers are gonna have to do. Hang in there @POTUS, Its only for two days.
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Totally agree with you @piersmorgan whatever anyone thinks of @realDonaldTrump it’s the sheer rudeness and childish behaviour of @SadiqKhan which I find embarrassing. Can you only imagine if someone flew a huge blimp of him when visiting another country??
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Jolly good point!

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