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WOW, she’s lying again! Rep. Ilhan Omar called OUT for gun-grabber lie about number of people who die from gun violence daily

Rep. Ilhan Omar is supporting her colleague by spouting a blatant lie that anyone with half a brain would know is complete and total BS.
Yes, the ‘half a brain’ thing is important because of course some people totally believe her lies.
Because they want to.
Not only is she pushing a lie here but she’s also pretending people who don’t want their Second Amendment rights trampled are ‘letting gun violence claim lives’.

At this point, we’re not even sure Ilhan knows how to tell the truth.
In her pea brain, the lie 500 murdered a day sounds more believable than 182,500 a year.
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She’s a Democrat, math is never their strong point.
I wish the left would stop trying to state facts. They never actually check their facts. Plus most gun related deaths are self inflicted.
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Hey, we see what they did here.
Becomes a way of life for many in DC.
And how many of the people killed by gun homicides are shot and killed in cities with tough gun laws? (I'm looking at you Chicago.)
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And THAT ain’t no lie.

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