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Acosta Blames Trump Supporter for Attacking Journalist, Video Shreds His Credibility

The irony is exquisite.
Jim Acosta, one of the most biased members of the White House press corps, took to social media on Thursday to complain about how “real reporters” were treated at a Rose Garden summit on social media bias.
He ended up only proving how dishonest he actually is.
In a Twitter post, Acosta detailed an account of a dust-up involving Playboy White House correspondent and CNN contributor Brian Karem and former White House staffer and current radio host Sebastian Gorka.
Acosta set the stage by tweeting out a picture of the oppression that White House reporters endure. (They sometimes have to sit in the back of the Rose Garden.)

The scene in the WH Rose Garden. All WH press in the back. Trump’s social media allies in the front rows.
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In Acosta’s abridged version of events, Gorka was the instigator, screaming “punk” in Karem’s face for no discernible reason.
“A good snapshot of how press is treated by WH,” Acosta wrote.
Actually, it was an excellent snapshot of relations between the Trump White House and the liberal media.

Because longer videos of the same event show how it started – with Karem deriding the conservatives who attended the summit as “eager for demonic possession,” then challenging Gorka to step outside.
“Come on over here and talk to me, brother,” he said. “We can go outside and have a long conversation.”
Here’s a longer video:
WARNING: The following video contains graphic language that some viewers will find offensive.
That’s when Gorka responded with “you’re a punk. You’re not a journalist, you’re a punk.”
For any honest person, that changes the picture considerably.
Naturally, none of that context made it into Acosta’s coverage, which makes the CNN correspondent’s video a perfect example of the establishment media’s approach to “journalism” in the age of Trump: omit key parts of a story (like Karem’s instigation of the fight), present abridged video and pretend it’s the whole thing, whine about how the media is maltreated by the man in the White House and his minions and repeat until a “narrative” settles in.
This kind of dishonesty has been going on since even before Trump was elected and has been repeated in different forms ever since with different targets. It’s the reason Americans are familiar with names like Michael Avenatti and Julie Swetnick.
Acosta isn’t the only offender, but he may be the best known, thanks to his relentless showboating.
But for Acosta to display his dishonesty in the White House Rose Garden during a “summit” on bias in social media?
The irony is exquisite.

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