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Al Green Tears Microphone Out After CNN Interview Doesn’t Go the Way He Hoped

For a man so intent on impeaching the president, Democratic Texas Rep. Al Green doesn’t seem very interested in dedicating time to defending his position.
Green, a vocal critic of President Trump who has sparred with House Speaker Nancy Pelosiover impeachment, appeared on CNN on Thursday to discuss the failed impeachment votehe had brought to the House floor a day earlier.
But when challenged on his differences with the speaker, Green offered only a terse reply to host Kate Bolduan before removing his earpiece and walking away.
The Texas lawmaker has a history of bucking party leadership; he had brought impeachment votes to the House floor twice before.
On Wednesday, Green introduced articles of impeachment for a third time.
Even in a Democratic-controlled House, his resolution was handily defeated, 332-95.
When CNN’s Bolduan first asked Green about his failed attempt at impeachment, he replied with typical talking points, mentioning the “duty” of Congress and his intent to “march on” to victory.
But as Bolduan began to press him on the effectiveness of his strategy compared to Pelosi’s, Green had little to say.
“Are you playing into his hands?” Bolduan asked.
Green could only respond with the same rhetoric of how he intends to “march on until victory is won.”
Bolduan pushed back, quoting Pelosi’s reasoning that “Trump is goading us to impeach him.”
“Are you not concerned that this helps [Trump]?” Bolduan continued.
At this last question, Green finally ran out of talking points.
“We have different paths, but the same goal,” he said of his divergence from Pelosi’s strategy.
“And I must tell you I have a vote that’s on now and I must leave,” Green concluded as he removed his earpiece and walked off.
Green’s television antics should come as no surprise. His impeachment resolutions have not garnered even half of his own party’s support, yet he continues his futile “march.”
Green understands that his resolutions are doomed to fail before they even reach the floor; he knows his strategy isn’t a winning one.
Green’s goals are much narrower and much more selfish: burnishing his own progressive image at the expense of party unity.
Green’s troubles have earned him TV interviews and effusive praise from liberal publications like The Nation, who recently ran a column proclaiming that “History Will Honor the Courageous 95 Who Proposed to Impeach a Racist President.”
But his theatrics have also brought questions.
And as Green so clearly demonstrated on national television, he has no answers.

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