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Brian Stelter is tired of the press being labeled ‘fake news’ when they’re just ‘advocating for facts,’ you guys

Poor Brian Stelter. Poor media! It’s so hard being caught in the middle of Donald Trump’s lies:
Some people, primarily fans of Trump, excuse or rationalize the lies for various reasons. Other people simply cannot. So much of the anti-Trump outrage from progressives and anti-Trump conservatives and columnists and pundits boils down to “He’s deceiving you. He’s lying to your face. Don’t you care?”
And the press is right smack dab in the middle of this because advocating for facts gets you labeled “fake news.” Which is, again, another lie.
Is it a lie, though? We know that Donald Trump is a pathological liar, but for Brian Stelter of all people to act as though the media are unimpeachably honest is ridiculous. How many times have Brian and CNN been busted for dishonest coverage, not just of Trump but of a wide variety of topics? Hell, he straight-up sat there and let David Hogg lie on national television. The press put themselves “in the middle of it.” They made themselves the story.
Then why do you keep inviting people onto your air to muddy the waters on such a frequent basis, Brian?

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The press is smack dab in the middle of it because they keep inviting @DanRather on as a "reliable source".

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How do you cover the news when news coverage is the news?

When, in short, the news is the news, but the news is not the truth.

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Maybe Brian should save some of the virtue signaling for his boss:
@CNN had every opportunity to stop this madness in '16 but Zucker's obsession with providing billions in free ad revenue was more important.
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Yep. So pipe down, Brian.

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