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David Hogg’s super-woke illegal immigration hot take backfired so badly he slammed ‘white people justifying genocide

At last night’s Dem Debate on CNN, there were some questions about illegal immigration along with some of the candidates explaining their plans that would allow people in the U.S. illegally have access to “free” health care. David Hogg’s had just about enough of the word “illegal” being used to describe people who are in the country illegally:
It’s so ironic how many politicians’ ancestors came here through open borders, stole land, and killed indigenous people, and now call people that come to the United States the same way illegal.

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Does he really want to go there?

We’re sensing a massive “backfire” developing.
1) How many politicians does this apply to, exactly?
2) Migrants want to come here, steal land, and kill people?
3) When settlers came here it wasn’t the United States and there were no laws.
4) I’m still baffled as to how you got into Harvard, you historically illiterate dolt https://twitter.com/davidhogg111/status/1156381841991057408 
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Amazing that you dare criticize people's ancestors who came here through as "land stealers" instead of offering them free healthcare, free welfare, and a path to citizenship. 😄
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So you’ve declined your acceptance to Harvard to make way for a disadvantaged Native American student right?
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It's also ironic how certain people lied about their race, took large salaries to "teach" at Harvard, and then run for President and demonize the cost of education and vow to use our money to "fix" it.
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It didn’t take long for Hogg to have heard enough of that:
That’s one way to avoid the backfire.


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  1. That moronic pipsqueak got into Harvard? No wonder America is in trouble.