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Debate Fact-Checker Slams Dems for ‘Children in Cages’ Lie

Misdirection and deception are the tactics of the left whether on, or off, the national stage.
If they are recounting the disproven myth that President Donald Trump equated alt-right racists with anti-confederate statue protesters or making absurd statements about taxpayers’ responsibility, the truth remains darn-near impossible to find when leftists are spewing their sensational points.
And last week’s Democratic debate debacle was no exception.
The Democratic presidential hopefuls vied for the affection of American voters by blaming Trump for putting “children in cages.”
Joe Biden claimed Trump’s justice department is arguing “children in cages do not need a bed, do not need a blanket, do not need a toothbrush.” 
Kamala Harris said that she will “release children from cages.”
John Hickenlooper, a real person running for president, said during the debate, “If you’d have ever told me any time in my life that this country would sanction federal agents to take children from the arms of their parents, put them in cages, actually put them up for adoption — in Colorado, we call that kidnapping — I would have told you it was unbelievable.”
But there is a problem with their blaming of Trump for this problem.
It’s just not true
Fortune.com fact-checked their claim and called it “misleading.”
The candidates were “tapping into a misleading and common insinuation by Democrats about Trump placing ‘children in cages,'” according to Fortune.
The truth is that there are chain-link fences, not cages, at the detention facilities — and those are the same type of barriers that Obama used for the same purposes.
What? Leftists lie and blame to score political points with their base, while they feign outrage at Trump over something actually begun under Obama? Color me shocked.
“Obama’s administration detained large numbers of unaccompanied children inside chain link fences in 2014,” Fortune reported. 
“Images that circulated online of children in cages during the height of Trump’s family separations controversy were actually from 2014 when Obama was in office.”
Before you read the next finding from Fortune, keep in mind that it was the Democrats who voted against more funding at the border not once or twice but — as Rep. Dan Crenshaw pointed out — 17 times.
“As the number of migrants continues to grow under the Trump administration, the system is clogged at every end, so Health and Human Services, which manages the care of children in custody, can’t come get the children in time,” Fortune reported.

So, while the number of immigrants skyrockets, overrunning both the border and the resources available to care for them, the Democrats — rather than voting for aid to help alleviate the problem — exploit the crisis and blame Trump for a problem that is not of his making.

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