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DROPPED on her head?! AOC’s DRAMATIC rant blaming Flint water crisis on climate change goes so VERY wrong (watch)

Anyone still wondering if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is really just an actress? Yeah, yeah, we know, let us adjust our tinfoil hat but c’mon, who acts like this in real life?

.@AOC: You want to tell people that the climate crisis is an elitist issue?

Tell that to the kids in the South Bronx who are suffering from the highest rates of asthma in the country.

Tell that to the families in Flint whose kids have rising blood lead levels and brain damage.

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Ok, full transparency, this editor couldn’t stand to watch the entire thing. There’s just something about AOC’s voice … so grating.

But we’re pretty sure we got the gist of it … Democrats don’t care that they’re poisoning people in Flint, MI and in the South Bronx. Oh, did she not realize Democrats runs those areas she was complaining about?
Oh, and climate change or climate crisis of whatever the heck she’s calling it now has zero to do with Flint or the South Bronx but we digress.
I wouldn't say that the Flint water crisis has anything to do with the environment or environmental justice. It is solely an infrastructure problem, which you allude to by stating "Fixing the pipes in Flint".
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It’s all of the flooding caused by the rising oceans because the ice caps are melting and KILLING the polar bears. Or something.
The hot air coming from her alone will raise the temperature a good 20 degrees.
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#1: neither of those issues is caused by climate change. #2: both of those issues should be handled at the local level, not federal.
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Ding ding ding.
Pipelines and air quality in the Bronx have nothing to do with climate crisis. Bronx is over populated and a concrete jungle and pipes need to be fixed but are old.
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Cow farts, man. It’s all about the cow farts because you know there are a lot of cows farting in the South Bronx.

Let’s ask Al Gore, he probably knows.


  1. It's true that the majority of AOC's performance was irrational hyperventilation, but she finished up with two very accurate sentences. "I don't know what we're here doing! I don't know what we're here doing!"

  2. This woman is totally nuts and an embarrassment to the Democratic Party.