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‘HACKED again?!’ Joy Reid gets DRAGGED for making ridiculous claim about what Trump’s entire 2020 campaign is based on

Remember that time when Joy Reid claimed time-travelers hacked her old blogs and filled them with homophobic and anti-Semitic things?
You member.
Welp, Joy was apparently inspired by the #WhitePeopleAgainstRacism tag to tweet the following:
Well is trending and that's a great thing. Trump and his campaign's assumption that white people are so fundamentally racist that racism can be the whole campaign for your votes is and should be offensive.

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Trump and his party think white people want racism more than healthcare. That's a pretty messed up way to think about people you consider your base.

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Where did Trump say he thinks his base wants racism? And what the heck does healthcare have to do with any of this?
Democrats have lost their freakin’ minds, folks. Oh, we know, they lost them decades ago BUT they’ve only gotten worse in recent years. This is nuts.

They’re hard to catch, man, they can travel through time. Cut Joy some slack.
OHHHH YEAH. A sitting governor showed America how to put blackface on after his yearbook showed him either in blackface or dressed as a klansman (and his nickname ‘Coonman’), but you know, orange man bad.
You call yourself a journalist but don’t know the definition of a word you’re using, and you go right on using the word to describe someone who’s a different color than you.
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It’s the narrative, man. That’s all they have left.
Sent this tweet out a year ago and I believe in this now more than ever: it’s up to white people to fix this problem. We started it and it’s our responsibility to end it
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Oh, good, Kathy Griffin chimed in … said literally no one, ever.
Guess if ‘Russia Russia Russia’ isn’t working Democrats are going to try the ‘Racist Racist Racist’ talking points again.

Let’s see how that works out for them next year.

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