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HuffPost breathlessly reports that Pete Buttigieg’s Catholic high school doesn’t hire teachers in same-sex marriages

You might want to sit down for this white-hot HuffPost scoop about Pete Buttigieg’s problematic high school:
Whoa, you guys. Whoa:
The Roman Catholic high school that Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg attended has a policy against hiring educators in same-sex relationships, HuffPost has learned. This means even Buttigieg, the nation’s first openly gay White House contender, would not be able to get a job at his alma mater on the basis of his sexuality.
“The Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend (in Indiana) requires our educators to adhere to Catholic teachings on the respect for the dignity of all persons and on marriage as the union of one man and one woman,” diocese spokeswoman Jennifer Simerman said in an e-mail.
According to diocese policy, entering into a same-sex relationship or marriage is “incompatible with the mission of the Catholic school educator,” Simerman wrote.

We’re shocked — shocked! — to find that Catholicism is going on in there!

Just some parting food for thought for HuffPost to chew on:

Progressive websites: 'We only hire those who hold strong progressive views and are dedicated to supporting our social and political goals.'

Progressive websites reporting on religious schools with strict rules on sexual practice: 'ANTI-LGBTQ SCHOOL WON'T HIRE GAYS!!!'
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