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New Poll Shows AOC Unpopularity Could Cost Dems Big In 2020

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is becoming, for better or worse, the new face of the Democratic party.
Her emojis, Instagram videos, and poor understanding of economics and science have resonated with the party’s far-left fringe.
And often, it is that group of leftist howlers that is the most vocal on social media and television.
If you just listened to establishment news networks, watched Instagram stories and read Twitter, you might think everyone in the country to the ideological left of Bill Kristol is embracing the flummery that flows from AOC’s mouth hole.
But a new poll would show that you would be wrong.
The poll numbers are so bad for AOC that the Democrats are scrambling, passing the results around their offices to come up with a solution to the problem.
And the problem is this: AOC is so unpopular that her idiocy, combined with the airtime that she receives from her fawning friends in the media, could end up costing Democrats 2020 races in key swing states.
“These Democrats are sounding the alarm that swing voters know and dislike socialism, warning it could cost them the House and the presidency,” Axios reports about the exclusive poll. “The poll is making the rounds of some of the most influential Democrats in America.”
“If all voters hear about is AOC, it could put the [House] majority at risk,” a “top Democrat” told Axios. “[S]he’s getting all the news and defining everyone else’s races.”
The Dems were trying to distance themselves from the four “progressives,” but now they are forced to embrace them. That means they are endorsing Socialism, hate of Israel and the USA! Not good for the Democrats!
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Although the poll showed AOC was recognized by 76% percent of the 1003 “white, non-college voters,” a group Axios called a “crucial group of swing voters,” only 22% of the respondents had a favorable view of her.

While AOC may be more popular in her own district — and even that is highly suspect — her ever increasing notoriety and lack of resonance with traditional, middle-of-the road, voting Americans could cost centrist Democrats dearly in 2020.
Her colleague Rep. Ilan Omar fared even worse in the poll: only 9% had a favorable view of the Minnesota congresswoman.
Perhaps the most encouraging number from the respondents was that socialism was viewed unfavorably by 69%. “Socialism is toxic to these voters,” a “top Democrat” told Axios.
If Axios’ Democrat source is right, then perhaps Nancy Pelosi’s recent statements against AOC are the beginning of a trend to paint her in a corner for the greater good of the party.
But there’s one more important takeaway for the rest of us.
Conservatives who want to see the left and socialism defeated must continue to hoist AOC’s message high. She will draw the disdain that she deserves and the Democrats will be forced to embrace or reject her. The Democrats cannot be left with the option to let AOC fade into the shadows.
That is why GOP operative Arthur Schwartz tweeted, “FYI for those that said she was getting too much oxygen. More oxygen please.”
The email I get the most often (and do email me, I enjoy it!) is wondering why I even give AOC the attention of the article. This is why. The Democrats must be made to look in the mirror and see who they are. If they don’t like what they see, they should disown her and her socialist agenda. If they do embrace it, then they will lose elections.

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