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Ocasio-Cortez Gets Absolutely Scorched For Trying To Compare Hong Kong Protests To America

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-Stalin (D-NY) really stepped in it this time.
The congresswoman certainly didn’t put much thought into her latest tweet which tried to claim that the protests currently erupting in Hong Kong are just like what leftists are doing in their own protests here in the United States.
“Organized, civil, & massive nonviolent pro-democracy direct actions have been happening in Hong Kong, too – in this instance, to expand civil liberties & demonstrate against an extradition bill,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted.
“Pay attention. These are hundreds of thousands of people organizing & showing up,” she continued.

Ummmmmm, it looks like AOC is the one who should really start “paying attention,” don’t you think?
Because the protesters in Hong Kong are protesting exactly the kind of big government control that AOC wants to impose here in the United States.
“Oh honey, they’d be protesting YOU,” as one Twitter user put it.
From Twitchy:
Apparently, Socialist Democrat superstar AOC is super psyched about the protests in Hong Kong and seems to be trying to draw a comparison to the Left’s movement here in America which is ironic when you think about what they’re protesting.
And that’s against a giant, controlling, overreaching government which is EXACTLY what AOC and other Democrats want. …
Here’s an idea! Since you appear to love seeing foreign groups organize, why not organize group of your green warriors and join conservative groups gathering in Baltimore to clean up @RepCummings district. He seems to be too busy to help.
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12 people reported shot in Brooklyn...maybe stay a little closer to home? Just a thought.
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