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‘Scary platform’: Kamala Harris promises to do another end run around the Constitution when she’s president

Kamala Harris is going to be the bravest president America has ever seen. Only she is willing to take on our greatest enemies:
As president, I’ll give Congress 100 days to send legislation to my desk to stop Big Pharma from raking in massive profits at the expense of Americans.

If Congress won’t act, I will.

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Got that?
That’s what she’s gonna do, y’all.
You should read the Constitution.
You'll be surprised by the fact that you can't write or change legislation on your own.

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GP 1. So, you want Congress to authorize confiscating businesses' property.

2. That's called a taking which violates the Fifth Amendment.

3. The executive branch has exactly zero power to force the legislative branch to do anything.

4. You can suck it, proto-dictator. https://twitter.com/KamalaHarris/status/1153067629801889792 

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Damn right, she can suck it.
We’re so old, we remember when that sort of thing was frowned upon:
But we’re sure President Kamala Harris will be a benevolent dictator.
Ok. Not comparing you to Trump, but what you’re suggesting appears to be a dictatorship.

If the people don’t support what I deem as important, I will bypass them and force my agenda through executive action.

Almost like government control of everything. Scary platform.
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Regard Kamala Harris warily for many reasons … but her love of authoritarianism is definitely a big one.

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