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Seriously? Pro-‘Medicare for All’ Kamala Harris Claims ‘I’m Not Trying To Restructure Society’

Here’s a not-too-hot take: A Kamala Harris presidency would be really bad for America.
The California Democratic senator and 2020 presidential candidate is a proponent for a number of far-left progressive policies, whether they be related to health insurance, abortion or illegal immigration.
If Harris were to win the Democratic nomination and then defeat President Donald Trump next November, we’d be looking at a very different America for the next four to eight years.
But even though the policies she supports would no doubt restructure American society, Harris claims that’s not what she’s attempting to do.
“I’m not trying to restructure society,” Harris told The New York Times for an interview published Saturday. “I’m just trying to take care of the issues that wake people up in the middle of the night.”

It’s a curious statement, to be sure, and I’m not quite sure I buy it. (OK, I definitely don’t.)
Why not, you might ask? Look no further than Harris’ support for Medicare for All, a single-payer system that would, as the Washington Examiner noted, make millions of Americans’ private insurance plans illegal.
Now, Harris, has flip-flopped more times than I can count on whether she would ban private health insurance plans as president. Yet, she’s a co-sponsor of Vermont senator and fellow 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All bill, which would “essentially eliminate virtually all private health insurance plans,” according to the Examiner.
I don’t know about you, but eliminating private health insurance sure sounds like a restructuring of society to me.
Reason‘s Peter Suderman put it pretty succinctly.
“Under Sanders’ vision of Medicare for All, private health insurance as we know it today would be outlawed,” he wrote in May. “That doesn’t just mean no competition. It means no alternative and no escape.”
There’s also the fact that Medicare for All would cost tens of trillions of dollars — up to $40 trillion, according to Sanders himself — which would no doubt put a massive strain on American taxpayers.
But sure, Harris, keep telling us you don’t want to “restructure society.” Maybe if you say it enough times, we’ll finally believe you.
In addition to her stance on health care, Harris supports abortion on demand and thinks illegal aliens who cross our southern border should not be treated like criminals.

“I would not make [crossing the border illegally] punishable by jail,” she told “The View” earlier this month, according to CNS News. “”It should be a civil enforcement issue, but not a criminal one. You have to play by the rules, but we can’t treat people like criminals when they are crossing the border.”
This is a woman who wants to drastically change American society as we know it. Let’s hope and pray she never gets anywhere near the White House.

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