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So presidential! Bill de Blasio isn’t doing anything about attacks on NYC Jews except falsely blaming ‘white supremacy’

Bill de Blasio is very “troubled” to learn that New York’s Jewish community was threatened yet again:
Funny, for a guy who’s fighting so hard to keep anti-Semitism from invading his city, Bill de Blasio hasn’t fought terribly hard to keep anti-Semitism from invading his city.
Because he’s rather blame “white supremacy” and the “right wing.” Much easier than holding himself accountable for his failure to address the issue.
Funny. In all those videos of attacks on Orthodox Jews, I don’t remember seeing a single Klan hood or Swastika among the attackers.
Could it be someone else assaulting them?
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Bill. How about you do something about the attacks against Chasidim in Brooklyn by people who most assuredly are not white supremacists -- watch the videos.
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Take a look at the videos of Jews being attacked in your city. You won’t see any klansmen.
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I have a feeling you haven’t been looking too hard into the details of attacks on Jews in your city.

White supremacy isn’t to blame. Not in NYC, at least.
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White supremacy in Brooklyn? Wow. OK. I will be on the lookout for white supremacists when I walk to Shul this coming Shabbat. Thank you.
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Are you saying that Williamsburg Brooklyn has been invaded by white supremacist. Bill DI blasio you can't do a thing about anti semitism if you keep pointing across the nation and saying it's them out yonder. Its not them, its new yorkers the ones you are afraid to talk about.
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Jews are getting attacked in your city and it’s not by white supremacists. Get your city under control.
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This is what happens when you hire Al Sharpton’s longtime aide to run your city while you hunt rodents and run for president.
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  1. "White Supremacy" is a Jewish media invented term. Blasio is a far left kook, so he's really into that and other anti-white terms.

  2. What attacks? There aren't any!

    But you can be sure of one thing; if you hear of any, it's the jews themselves, doing it
    They've been caught in the past Every single time, when the MSM makes a big hoohah, and gets the public sooo outraged, the cops get involved, the FBI goes in to investigate, it turns out, it's the jew ALL ALONG!

    BUt then, we, THE PUblic, are used to it! Now, THEY are at it again!