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‘They DON’T care’: Erielle Davidson just DECIMATES Al Sharpton defenders with powerful tweets about Charlottesville

Kamala Harris coming out in defense of Al Sharpton. Not only did she defend him, but she all but painted him as some sort of American hero which is far from the truth if you’ve been paying attention to Al at all over the years.
Erielle Davidson called Kamala and other Sharpton apologists out in a big way:
But Al Sharpton fights or something!
Jew-hating event the Democrats were whitewashing this week … ouch.

Same people that lectured about Charlottesville now rushing to defend, of all people, Al Sharpton. They don't care.

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Yup. The same people who tried to claim Trump said white nationalists were very fine people are now rushing to defend Al ‘Crown Heights Riots’ Sharpton. She’s right, the Left doesn’t really care about anti-Semitism, they just care about dunking on and hurting Trump.
It’s all about convenient hate for the right people and the right groups.

After all, that’s the Democrat way.

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