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THUD: Gavin Newsom trips all over himself (AND Obama) in rush to slam Trump for wrecking ‘growing economy’ he inherited

Gavin Newsom, California governor and former mayor of San Francisco is claiming that President Trump is ruining a good economy he inherited from Obama (and for bonus points using a Vox article to do so):
Wait, didn’t Obama try and get Americans used to “the new normal” on the economy?
Yep just like all the manufacturers jobs never coming back. He was wrong about that and his policies were terrible! Not to mention Obamacare is a disaster!

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It seems like only yesterday that Obama made those kinds of claims.
Nope.. Obama hijacked the economy and stole wealth from the free market for redistribution, crippling the economy. Any other assessment is just plain stupid.
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Perhaps the governor should put his focus a little closer to home:
Hard to see the economy's strength thru the homeless tent cities, heaps of garbage and human waste, that line the streets in Democrat run cities in California.
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Newsom probably blames Trump for all that.

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  1. Gavin Newsom is California’s Macron. Get rid of this madman!